Michaela Wain

Apprentice Finalist 2017

Managing Director,  Design and Build UK

No good crying

Apprentice finalist 2017 went on to secure investment in her business plan and is also a director of the largest online and hardcopy Construction magazine in the UK and a national utility connections company.


Michaela believes it is her attitude towards life that allows her to be successful in business and there is no challenge she is unwilling to take on


  • The difference between motivation and drive

  • The importance of remaining positive

  • How to rely on others

  • A business isn’t successful with 1 person

james osbourne.jpg

James Osborne

Chief Executive, Innergy Ltd

Doing profitable business in tomorrow’s world


The business world has evolved at an incredible pace.  Business leaders have to be on top of these changes and use a new way of thinking and working to capitalise on the incredible potential


How to create


  • Customers that didn’t previously exist

  • Sustainability, scalability and profitability

  • A business you and your customers love

Daniel Knowlton.jpg

Daniel Knowlton

Knowlton Marketing

Advertainment – How to market your Business in 2020

Dan runs a multi-award winning business and works with global brands including FIFA, Nestle, Citibank, Eurotunnel and other.


The real winners of social media marketing know why most fail – boring, lacking personality and sales heavy.


They know how to produce content that triggers emotion, then action. Dan will show you how


  • The #1 marketing mistake most businesses are making

  • What advertainment is

  • How to create content that attracts, convinces and converts


Richard Pilton

Kayo Digital Limited 

What are the fastest growing companies doing online


Learn what they are doing online and receive a summary report for free. Learn what they are doing digitally to grow their sales and reach.  We analysed 30 different touchpoints from the top 50 fastest growing companies in Kent.   The findings are not necessarily what you think they are


Kayo is one of Kent’s leading agencies, their clients include the NHS, Kent Police, KCC and NATO


Paul Hargreaves

Founder of Cotswold Fayre,
a speciality & fine food wholesale distributor

‘I am passionate about helping business leaders create a fairer world through their businesses’

Paul will show you that bringing compassion, emotion and love into our business management will not only make our businesses better but also more profitable too.


Change of business heart will mean:

Better for those that work for us - better for others – better for the planet – better for profits – better for us


Kenda Macdonald

Chief Executive, Automation Ninjas

How to double your business with marketing automation


It’s a fact. If you aren’t automating your marketing then you are missing on conversions.

She helps businesses understand behaviour for super effective marketing and loves simplifying over complicated processes.


Kenda will prove to you why you need marketing automation, how to implement it and the benefits to
your business


  • Basics of marketing automation

  • Benefits of using it

  • Basics of buyer psychology and how relevant it is


Shweta Jhajharia

Founder, Growth Idea

6 Lessons businesses learn too late

Shweta has been recognised as the top coach in the UK and has ranked in the top 30 world coaching professionals for 3 years running. She leads her clients to better profitability and also enhances the long-term asset value of their business.  She has achieved over 45 Awards.


  • Find out what some of the most expensive mistakes are

  • Powerful examples of how businesses can maintain success

  • Critical mistake to avoid when running your business

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